Manufacturing Notices

Plating Information - Two Piece Cupholders  (PDF - .2mg)
Plating Information - Vertical Mount Ashtrays (VMA) (PDF - .4mg)
Plating Information - Flip-Lid Ashtrays Inserts (FLA) (PDF - .4mg)
Powder Coat Care and Maintenance  (PDF - .2mg)
Recommended Bonding Procedures for Multi-Piece Cupholders  (PDF - .3mg)

Assembly Manuals

Original Style Vertical Mounted Ashtray (VMA)  (PDF - .5mg)
New Style Vertical Mounted Ashtray (VMA2)  (PDF - .5mg)
Flip-up Lid Ashtray Insert (FLA) (PDF - 1.1mg)

Payment and Credit Information

Custom Cupholders Terms & Conditions  (PDF - .1mg))
Custom Cupholders Company Credit Application  (PDF - .1mg))
Custom Cupholders Credit Card Payment Form  (PDF - .1mg))

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